Biopic music film “Gloria” by Christian Keller

Theatrical premiere: 1 January 2015 (Mexico) \ July 17, 2015 (USA)
Starring: Sofía Espinosa


Director: Christian Keller
Screenwriter: Sabina Berman
Running time: 126 minutes


Gloria Trevi, the “Mexican Madonna,” rose from poverty to international stardom, only to be brought crashing down by a sex scandal that mesmerized the Spanish-speaking world. The new movie Gloria tells the true story of her astonishing life, from her meteoric rise to the top of the pop charts to the humiliating fall that followed, all set to a soundtrack of the diva’s infectious hits.

Driven to find fame and fortune, the teenaged Trevi (Sofía Espinosa) impresses producer Sergio Andrade (Marco Peréz), whose golden touch with pop divas earned him the nickname “King Midas.” Groomed by Andrade, Gloria’s politically charged lyrics and unashamed sexuality propel her to unparalleled stardom, but behind the scenes, her emotionally and sexually abusive manager controls her every move.

As Trevi’s star rises, she and Andrade travel with a growing entourage of nubile hopefuls in tow. When Andrade is accused of sexual relationships with underage girls, Gloria is swept up in the worldwide manhunt that follows and accused of running a so-called “sex cult.”

A film as provocative as Trevi herself, Gloria chronicles the sacrifices, risks and secrets behind the successful career of one of the supernovas of Mexican pop. A bold and compelling musical drama about ambition, betrayal and redemption, the film was written by one of Mexico’s top screenwriters and playwrights, Sabina Berman (Backyard, Pancho Villa and a Naked Woman).

“Gloria” Cast in Stills

Sofía Espinosa as Gloria Trevi

Sofía Espinosa as Gloria Trevi in "Gloria" (2014)

Marco Pérez as Sergio Andrade

Marco Pérez as Sergio Andrade in "Gloria" (2014)

And also:

Tatiana del Real as María Raquenel
Ximena Romo as Aline Hernández
Osvaldo Ríos as El Tigre
Ricardo Kleinbaum as Abogado
Moises Arizmendi as Fernando Esquina
Magali Boysselle as Mónica Ga
Estefanía Villarreal as Laura
Paula Serrano as Reportera Española

Film frames from “Gloria”

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